Global Land Partners


Assisting our Clients to Operate Throughout the Country

Our exposure to oil and gas activity in over 20 states throughout the country has broadened our expertise and enhanced our ability to better serve our clients in every area of the industry. Each team is staffed with land professionals who are willing and able to assist our clients develop and maintain the necessary filings and permits to operate within each states strict guidelines. We have proven experience in working closely with multiple agencies and continue to build on our reputation as land experts in regulatory filings.

Our regulatory services include:

  • Road permitting and bonding
  • Developing well spacings / unitizations
  • Commission filings, including pooling and spacing orders
  • Developing respondent lists
  • Assisting in environmental, endangered species, and archaeological studies
  • Condemnation support
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Rail, highway, and 3rd party crossings
  • FERC filings