Global Land Partners


The Face of Our Client

With a large network of land professionals, GLP has a proven track record of staffing right-of-way projects quickly with experienced and proven Agents. Our goal is to build the foundation of a healthy long-term relationship between the landowner and our client. We understand that our team is the face of our clients and have a reputation of earning and maintaining the landowners’ trust from the very first meeting until construction is complete.

Acquired Over 1,200 Miles of Pipeline Nationwide

GLP’s staff handles all aspects of the project and has been trained in every area of right-of-way acquisitions, including pipelines, roads, electric, and surface facilities. Our expertise begins with assisting surveyors during the route selection and continues through the acquisition and construction of the project. We’ve completed regulated and non-regulated projects, both transmission and gathering, and have assisted our clients in managing several multi-county gathering systems throughout the country.