Global Land Partners


The Foundation of Land Work

We believe title is the very foundation of all land work. It is this core belief that has allowed our clients to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by ensuring our ownerships are the most thorough and accurate available. Each title report prepared contains original copies and/or images of all instruments along with title run-sheets, drilling & production history, tax certificates, patents, and any other relevant information required.

Our title experience spans over 20 states throughout the country with 100% locally staffed teams. Understanding the laws and statutes relevant to each area in which we work allows for detailed title curative and an overall reduction in legal costs.

GLP’s title services include:

  • Full Abstracting
  • Mineral Ownership Reports
  • Surface Ownership Reports
  • Limited Title Certificates
  • Runsheet Preparation
  • Working Interest and Net Revenue Interest Reports
  • Division Orders
  • Title Curative
  • Due Diligence
  • Title Document Management
  • Deed Plotting